Kirketerp residential area

The residential area is thought to be both a dense low-rise townhouse of one-plan and two-floor homes of high architectural quality, as well as modern energy-optimized villas. Homes that are both attractive to the young family, the older couple or the family from the village who want to live closer to Hobro's many offers. The area is located between the schools in Rosendal and Valsgaard, with secure connections to both.

The residential area has been developed in a way that ensures that a gradual construction is possible, which provides a natural opportunity to differentiate the housing in design, materials and ownership. The development derives from Kirketerp farms, as the core of the place.

The combination of the geographic location between city and country, the characteristic cultural history and the sustainable access to the areas, we wish to utilize to create a residential area with edge. The hope is that the environmental and community-based mindset embedded in the project will be clear in the final outcome and affect the life of the village of Kirketerp in a new and positive direction.