Remmerslund skovby urban development

We wish to develop our area in Hedensted with respect for the unique agricultural environment of the site and for the residential use of the area over the next two years.

Hedensted city is calling for attractive housing in the city, and especially homes that connect with the forest together in a beautiful and sustainable way. The area itself is within easy reach of the motorway. In addition, there are 950 meters to school with safe school road. The area will also contribute to a more circular urban development of Hedensted and Solution.

The development project is intended to be an economically viable project consisting of architectural housing that naturally blend into the surrounding forest.
The housing area is developed in a way that ensures that a gradual construction is possible, which provides a natural opportunity to differentiate the housing into design, materials and ownership.
The combination of the geographical location between city and country, the characteristic agricultural history and the sustainable access to the areas, we wish to create a residential area with edge. The hope is that the environmental and community-based mindset embedded in the project will be clear in the final outcome and affect the life in Hedensted City in a new and positive direction.
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